In the world of entertainment the MC & DJ teams are the most essential service of them all. This service is what made Eclipse Events possible. Our ability to read a crowd and have the MC and DJ transform their styles to fit your event. Clients will be paired with the best team for their unique day. To see more about our staff and the potential MC and DJ options for your event click here.


Some clients are undecided as to hiring a live party band because they love the sound and aura of live musicians, but yet they really want the versatility of a DJ to play anything they want because their music library is infinite. Our DJ/Band combos allow you to have the best of both worlds. This gives you the ability to add a live vocalist (female recommended), percussionist and either a saxophonist or a guitarist. This arrangement helps bring the both services together to form a great party everyone can appreciate.


Seeing live musicians perform is one of the most elegant touches to an event, especially a wedding. We can arrange almost any set of musicians for your event. You can choose a keyboardist or acoustic guitarist for cocktail hour or even a harpist or string quartet for your ceremony.

Musicians Available:

Keyboard/Pianist, Violin, Viola, Cello, Harp, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Percussion, Acoustic or Electric Guitar, Upright Bass, Vocalist, Bagpipe and Steel Drum. If you do not see your instrument here please give us a call and we will arrange it for you.


Eclipse has the ability to pair you with a variety of live bands for any type of event. Our offerings include 8 to 11 piece orchestras that will rock the house or a 4 piece jazz band for a small intimate gathering. We can also arrange to have an Italian, Greek, Latin or Arabic band perform.

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