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Our mission is to always convey a passion for our work to our clients and to consistently deliver the best possible experience. We achieve that by providing a timely, responsive service with integrity, simplicity and the utmost professionalism.

Our start in the entertainment business began some 30 years ago as a side business. In 2002 we created Eclipse and went full time with our dream. This business is built on a foundation of hard work and unending passion for our craft. We continually update our equipment and raise the bar on what is possible. This is what gives us the edge against our competitors. We have an understanding that your event is uniquely yours and that alone is what has propelled us to being one of the most awarded and recommended event entertainment and production companies in the tri-state area.

A wise man once said, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” So far, we have yet to go to work.


Eclipse Events
Michael Spinnato – Owner & President
Anthony Battista – Director of Operations
Chris Ponce – Corporate Events Manager
Justin Yoast - Creative Director


Meet the Talent

Michael Spinnato

President & Owner. Michael has been spinning records since the late 80's with one goal in mind - make the clients day the best possible experience possible. He's built an empire based on that simple philosophy..

Anthony Battista

MC/DJ - Director of Operations. Over the past decade, Anthony has risen to be one of the most requested MC and DJ’s. His talents and passion are what set him apart from other dual talents in the industry. All you have to do is jump on our review sites to read countless 5 star reviews about Anthony and his love for the job.

Chris Ponce

MC/DJ - Corporate Production Manager. With 20 years experience and our resident bilingual MC/ DJ, Chris has been one of the best additions to the Eclipse family. Chris has a burning love to make his clients happy, no matter the request. His versatility on the mic and with the headphones makes him a rare talent.

Steve Caruso

MC/Event Host. One of our longest tenured MC’s, Stephen is your quintessential event host/ MC. He will bring excitement, energy, and elegance to your wedding. He prides himself on making sure each event is unique and that no detail ever missed in his execution.

Rich Rempusheski

MC/Event Host/Business Development Manager. Born to be an MC, Rich is one of the most energetic hosts we have on staff. He continues to bring that fire to each party and our clients appreciate it every single time. He is always being complimented on his go-getter and positive attitude.

John Ryan

MC/Event Host/Magician. The most seasoned event host on staff, John Ryan has MC'd at over 1,000 events in his life. He is best known for his ability to work a crowd on the mic. He will defnitly become part of your party and when it's all said and done you will think he is part of the family. John brings unmatched energy every time!

Al Noce

MC/DJ/Event Host. A veteran in the mobile DJ business since he was a teenager, Al is another dual talent in the Eclipse arsenal. His experience is something you can not find every day and this helps in making sure he can handle any style wedding thrown his way.

Steven Calascione

DJ - Corporate Sales Manager

Vincent Vitola

Master DJ. Vinny has risen to be our premier event DJ. His ability to read a crowd and rock the room is second-to-none!

Stephen Paolillo

DJ. Stevie P is a skilled DJ with unmatched talent and energy when he's on the set. Whether it's Doo-Wop or Hip-Hop, he's got ya covered!

John Austin

Lighting Technician. John is without question our most valued lighting tech. His command of your room with his quick lighting cues makes him a huge assist to any event!

Paul Olsen

Production Technician. Paul is our most seasoned production tech. He is our all-around skill player. He has a handle on every type of service we offer and his knowledge his quit impressive.

Meet one of our Clients

Meet The Eclipse Team

Music FAQs

50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, Acoustic, Big Band, Classic Rock, Classical, Country, Dance, Funk, Hip Hop, Jazz, Motown, Oldies, Pop, R&B, Rock, Soul, Swing and everything in-between.


We understand that no two events are ever alike. Our style is determined by that of our client. We can be active and motivate your crowd or be more traditional and reserved. We will work with you to determine the best fit for your day.

We never limit the guests from requesting music. The client normally gives us an idea of what they like and dislike. As for the guests, we will take requests and if they fit into what the client is going for, then we will play them. If they are requesting songs that are not in the same realm of what the client wants then we use our best judgement to see if it can fit in.

Formal black suit with matching ties. Some MC’s will also wear a black vest.

Not at all, we will gather any required music that the client requests. Unless the songs are extremely rare and difficult to locate but we would inform the couple of that weeks in advance. This normally only takes place with foreign selections.

We have 16 staff members currently. They are a mixture of DJ’s, MC’s, Lighting & Video Technicians. We are capable of performing at four events in any given time-slot.

2 hours

We have all our clients communicate with the MC who is the lead on the job before ever signing a contract. We feel it’s important to connect with them on a personal level rather than just a business level.

We have supplied entertainment for many ethnically diverse couples. We work hand and hand with the bride and groom to ensure that their culture is represented adequately on their day.

Yes. In the form we provide to everyone, there is a section involving music and there is a DO and DO NOT playlists area for them to complete.

Yes, and in addition, there is also backup equipment on-site in the event of a failure.

We are a full service entertainment company. As an add-on, We offer a full line of event lighting including dance-floor lighting as well as LED uplighting. In additon to DJ’s & MC’s, we provide Video, Live Music, Band/DJ Combos, Photo Booths and a number of other options.

This is normally based on the amount of equipment that is being supplied. The average amount of time is 60 to 90 minutes before the start of the event. We always have music playing 30 minutes before the start time to ensure that guests do not walk in to a room that sounds empty. We are self contained and do not need an additional table.

Not typically, but this is also determined by the amount of services are booked.

We do not have any signs or banners. We feel that the affair should be about the client and not about us spreading our name. If a guest is pleased with our services they will ask for our information.

We do Emcee the reception. It is important that the Emcee speak clearly when any formailities are about to take place. Events run much smoother when there is the presence of an Emcee. We make sure to speak with the client in detail before the reception to see how involved they’d like this person to be throughout the course of the event.

This is a tricky question to be honest. Being motivational depends on the type of party and the clients requests about the MC. We never like to be cheesy so there will not be any “over the top” antics, but we might try and slow things down and invite up all the couples to ease into another dance set.

Meals are never required but always appreciated.

Yes, we would have a playlist arranged in advance during this time.

We always have at least one staff member on call in case of any emergencies. Thankfully we have never had to exercise that option.

Each MC/DJ team is only on one event per day.

Our only travel charge would be for events that take place more than 90 minutes of driving time from our office in Bernardsville, NJ. The price varies depepnding on the package booked.

Yes. There is a 25% deposit due upon signing of the contract.


Our head of production, Chris Ponce (chrisp@eclipseinfo.com), does schedule site visits to meet with corporate clients at their venue. This helps create a floor plan and a better understanding of the layout for the event.

We have the ability to handle everything for your corporate event. From audio setups, lighting, decor, video production, stages, drapery, and whatever else you’d require. Each corporate event is very unique and we pride ourselves on never saying no. We will make it happen!

Please click on My Corporate Event in the drop down menu of the SERVICES tab on the top header. This page will help in answering this question better.

We require 50% deposit to secure the date and the balance, at the latest, at the event. We will allow a 30 day net if needed.

Yes, we will always have a trained tech on-site during your event.

Only for events that are over 1.5 hours from our offices in Bernardsville, NJ.


We currently employee 4 photographers and we will be adding to that soon.

Yes, we suggest you come sit with us at our offices to see our full range of photography options. You can the photography tab under SERVICES to view more photos.

This depends upon the event. We strongly suggest two for weddings but other events have be handled with only one.

Our style is a combination of photo journalist and traditional portrait style. We will work with you to determine to style your prefer and what pictures you want taken during your day. No stone will be left unturned.

After your receive your proofs, about 3 months after the event. We ask that you compile your top 100 pictures then come to our offices and design an album together. The cost will be determined on what album you choose from the collection.

100%. Our photographers understand the most important part of their job is making sure you are satisfied. Our egos will never get in the way of getting the shot you want most.

Only for events that are over 1.5 hours from our offices in Bernardsville, NJ.


We currently have enough cinematographers to capture two events in one day.

Yes, we suggest you come sit with us at our offices to see our full range of cinematography options. You can visit www.eclipseinfonj.smugmug.com to see an on-line gallery in the meantime.

This depends upon the event. We strongly suggest two for weddings but other events have be handled with only one.

Our style is non-obtrusive to say the least. We feel our job is be in the background and not hassle you with requests. We do not hand out mics for guests to speak, nor do we own those large lights that make filming seem like you are digging for clothes in the back of the closet.

This all depends on the package you choose but must production time takes up to 16 weeks. In some packages you can receive your 4 minute wedding trailer within two weeks!

100%. Our photographers understand the most important part of their job is making sure you are satisfied. Our egos will never get in the way of getting the shot you want most.

Only for events that are over 1.5 hours from our offices in Bernardsville, NJ.

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